Seatara Bar

Seatara Bar offers a unique culinary experience along with the pleasant and sexy bar atmosphere. You will be able to enjoy the accurate and up-to-date restaurant menu, accompanied by a colorful collection of dishes with a modern twist, alongside signature cocktails, as well as Israeli and foreign wines.


The bar area is a closed lounge with a varying intimate atmosphere and sound. This is the right place to try our amazing sushi, which has become one of Seatara’s most desired dishes.


Wednesdays have long since become a day of hanging out with friends to the sounds of our DJ on the bar, and enjoying great food and atmosphere.

On Fridays, friends gather to celebrate the weekend in a warm atmosphere with the cheerful playlist of DJ Funky Fish.


You are welcome to hang out and have a good time Seatara style.


8 Rozenblum Herzel St.

Sea and Sun Tel Aviv